I engaged in mutual masturbation with male of unknown status. I feel certain precum, and possibly cum, was exchanged as we masturbated ourselves and then each other. Scared to death that precum or cum entered my urethra. The last incident with this man was 14 months ago. I have tested 6 times since then. Last test was 14 months past this last incident...all tests were negative, including the last one. All tests were taken through STD express. Tests were for HIV 1 and HIV 2. The first 4 tests were for 1 and 2 and also early detection. Last one at 14 months was just for HIV 1 and 2. I feel good about results, but my question is, is there ANY chance of seroconversion now? I've read about delayed seroconversion and am now scared that even after all this time, I'll seroconvert at some point. Again, is there ANY chance that this could happen after a negative result 14 months past possible exposure? Do I ever have to worry again that from this incident, eventually I will seroconvert? I feel as if I know the answer, but I want assurance that I can move on with my life and know for sure that I'm HIV/aids free? I just can't shake fear that I'll be the one case that seroconverts after all this time. Also, is mutual masturbation truly NO risk? Some sites say "negligible" and that worries me too. I want to let this go, and I keep trying to convince myself that regardless of what kind of risk exposure there had been, after 14 months and 6 negative tests, I can know that it's over once and for all. Sorry for long query, but thanks for any help. I don't mind retesting...just wondering if I'll have to retest the rest of my life after this to make certain I'm not seroconverting. Also want to make certain that the tests I took through STD Express were "good" ones. Thanks in advance and bless you all for all you do!
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I can see that you are feeling distressed about this situation. Please be assured that the results from your tests are conclusive and you are, in fact, HIV negative. The World Health Organization states that results from HIV tests taken 84 days (roughly 3 months) after exposure are conclusive. Since you have been tested more than 84 days since this exposure, you can rely on your results. STD Express is also a professional and reliable healthcare provider that uses excellent testing methods. You do not have to be retested.

As for your concerns about delayed seroconversion, you do not have to worry about this happening to you. As the World Health Organization states, the only people who experience delayed seroconversion are: 1) those undergoing chemotherapy, 2) those undergoing Hepatitis C or PEP/PrEP treatment, or 3) those diagnosed with a pre-existing immunodeficiency disorder, such as Crohn's Disease. People who fall under these categories may experience seroconversion up to 6 months after their last exposure. Since I trust you do not fall under any of those categories, you do not have to worry about being that "one case". It is not possible, and you can trust that your negative results cannot spontaneously change.

In addition, let me assure you that mutual masturbation poses no risk for HIV transmission. Some people may call this activity a "negligible risk" activity, but this label is incorrect. Nonetheless, let me still explain to you what this label means. A "negligible risk" means while there is *technically* a risk to an activity since it involves the exchange of body fluids, there has *never* been a confirmed case of HIV transmission. Mutual masturbation is a no risk activity because HIV is a weak virus that dies within 60 seconds once exposed to the air. Since pre-cum is exposed to the air during mutual masturbation, the virus dies and cannot be transmitted from one person to another. Therefore, this activity poses no risk for HIV transmission.

I trust that my response has given you reassurance that you are, in fact, HIV negative and you do have to worry about seroconversion or about getting retested. Your fears of false results and delayed seroconversion are quite normal; a lot of people feel the same way once they obtain a negative result. However, the power to reduce your anxiety related to this situation lies within you. With the information provided, I trust you feel relieved of this burden and can move past it!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to post again or to consult our website,

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