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About one month ago ,after 49 days of an oral sex exposure (I am male)I did a complete checkup in a hospital which include HIV test too , when I want to get the report ,lab called me and said we want your blood sample to test HIV ,I felt worried too much and said myself many questions such as why do they need again ,…,I gave the sample blood and request them to give the result since I have too much stress ,after 30-40 minutes they said it is negative, they said it is not rapid test also.

1. But I still worried and on that day again I went to a private hospital and ask HIV test, test was HIV 1,2 AB and P24 AG by 4th generation Elisa as they said me, it was negative.
2. After 4 days(in 53 days) I have retest in other lab and it was negative too
3. In 59 days I retested in a private lab by ECL test by elecys 2010 system which was negative too.
4. In 80 days I had a rapid test in a clinic and it was negative.
5. I will retest in 100-120 days too

All of my concern is for 1st time that why do they request me blood sample for HIV test? Do they doubt or …? after some days I went to the 1st lab and asked them why you asked me to give the blood sample for 2nd time for HIV test, this your behavior killed me and lab supervisor said me your blood sample was not enough for this reason I asked you to give the blood sample, these days I am too depressed and cannot do anything. Please help me are 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th test are conclusive for me? Is it possible which test be positive in the future?
I need your help since I am depressed and I want to cry every second. I cannot enjoy my life in the days, please please help me.

Thanks for your kind support and waiting for your soon reply

With regards

Hi Sajjad, thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver. I'm sorry to hear that you're so depressed, and I hope the following information will help address your concerns.

The first thing I want to address is your risk of getting HIV from oral sex. It is not clear whether you received oral sex or performed oral sex, but if you simply received oral sex then it might be helpful to know that there are no confirmed cases of someone getting HIV that way.

If, on the other hand, you performed oral sex, the risk of acquiring HIV by engaging in that activity is still low. While there have been a few reported cases of infections when individuals performed oral sex, but there have usually been identifiable conditions that may or may not apply in this case (such as the presence of another STI). I understand that you may not be comforted by this if you did perform oral sex, so let's look at what your test results might indicate.

While I cannot interpret your results for you, I can tell you that two of your tests provide very strong indicators that you did not acquire HIV. In British Columbia all HIV tests are considered conclusive at twelve or more weeks post-exposure. So your rapid test at 80 days post-exposure was just four days short of being conclusive (re-testing for a low-risk exposure is not usually required). In addition, most HIV specialists consider the 4th generation test to be conclusive if taken six or more weeks post-exposure.

These two test results taken together with the low-risk (performing oral sex) or negligible-risk (receiving oral sex) activity you engaged in provide strong indicators that the results are very unlikely to change. All that said, you can partner with your doctor to interpret your particular results or have another test 84 or more days after you has this possible exposure, which would then be considered conclusive.

I hope this has helped you understand your situation a bit better.

In health,

Matt, AIDS Vancouver Volunteer


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