I am in a dark place, curling the drain. I have tested negative for Hiv on rapid tests at a clinic five times after four months. Yet, I continue to suffer from signs and symptoms of hiv which are increasing and worsening over a three year period. These are proven symptoms listed on reputable sites like the mayo clinic and catie.
All other possible diagnosis have been investigated. Mental health professionals have been involved. Drs have been changed and specialists have been involved for every possibility.
I am weak, tired, have no appetite or thirst, no taste or smell, dry flaky skin, ,memory and vision loss, inability to concentrate or follow a conversation,cannot write anymore, sore mouth and tongue, feeling cold all the time, skin rash, easy bruising and bleeding, aching muscles, cannot exercise, shortness of breath and rapid heart rate, arthritis in joints esp big toes,
Loss of libido and also total impotence, cannot tell the difference between cold and hot when touching, fugal infection, angular chelits and gingivitis diagnosed by dentist.
ALL medical professionals have washed their hands of me and no longer want to partner with me to get a diagnosis. I have tried to work with them but they are no longer interested.
It is obvious that the rapid tests have FAILED to diagnose hiv, despite repeated tests.

Please warn others not to depend on them if symotoms persist.

Hi there,

Thanks for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as a source for HIV related information.

First off, I want to inform you that AIDS Vancouver has close ties with the Centre for Excellence for HIV/AIDS here in Vancouver, which is one of the best sources for HIV and AIDS related information in North America. Therefore, the information that I am about to share with you is accurate and up-to-date. There are many websites that are out-of-date and that have not been updated with the latest information on the transmission of HIV and any "related symptoms".

There are no clinically defined symptoms of HIV. Some HIV positive individuals do experience a strong flu-like illness 2-4 weeks post-exposure, which disappears completely within 8-10 days. However, many HIV positive individuals experience *no symptoms whatsoever*.

The World Health Organization states that all results from HIV tests taken 84 days (or roughly 3 months) after exposure are conclusive. Therefore, the results you obtained from your five rapid tests can be considered accurate and reliable. The symptoms you are experiencing are not related to HIV since you do not have HIV.

As you mentioned, doctors are now turning you away. The only thing that I can suggest to you is that doctors are turning you away because you are HIV negative. This being said, you may wish to speak to a healthcare professional who can recommend to you a counsellor to work through this with you. I can sense you are very distressed about this situation and I believe counselling would be of benefit to you. Again, please be assured that your symptoms are not related to HIV.

If you wish to consult some accurate websites for more information on HIV, please use [](

I trust my response has been helpful to you.

In good health,


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