First off, thank you for giving people a place to ask questions and hopefully get answers during a stressful time. i am 44 year old male and I am recently divorced after 21 years. I was at a stag party for a friend on the weekend and there were several escorts there. I had intercourse two times with one of them and now I am very stressed out. The reason I am stressed out is because, during the second time, she was on top and in the light coming through the window, I could see what looked like track marks on her arms and hands. I asked her what had happened to her arm and she confirmed that they were in fact track marks from iv drug use, but that she had been clean for three years. I asked if I had anything to worry about and she said no, that she was drug and disease free. obviously I don't know this girl, so I am not sure if I can trust her and that is why I haven't slept or eaten in days.

Details :

2:30 am = She gave me unprotected oral for several minutes and then I put on a condom and we had vaginal intercourse.

3:00 am = She gave me unprotected oral again and then I put on a new condom and we had vaginal intercourse a second time.

Both times the condom was intact when we finished. But of course there was touching and rubbing involved and I am worried that even though we used condoms, that I would have the virus on my hands and when I put the condom on the second time that I transferred the virus to my penis?

I apologise if this sounds silly and I am wasting your time, but like I said above, I was married for the last 21 years, so I have never had to deal with anything like this and I am not familiar with the risks of HIV or any STD for that matter. Should I go get tested now? should I wait a specific amount of time before testing? Do I have a high risk of HIV? If you could tell me what my i should do next, that would be great. Thank you
Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. It seems you're concerned about the possibility of HIV transmitting during an encounter. We're happy to answer your question for you.

When assessing the risk level of situations, we only consider the likelihood that HIV will transmit during activities. We do not consider the likelihood of your partner having HIV, as this is not a useful way of considering the risks. Many people with HIV are not or have not been IV drug users, so assessing risks in this way would not be reliable.

Receiving unprotected oral sex is considered a negligible risk activity, meaning that while it is theoretically possible for transmission to occur, it has never been observed to actually occur. Protected sex is considered a low risk activity, meaning that while transmissions are possible, they require specific circumstances to occur (like the condom breaking, for example). Rubbing of any kind is a no risk activity. To see the risks associated with these and other common activities, we encourage you to check out our[ risk assessment page]( It is also helpful to check out our transmission equation to understand why these risks have been assigned to these activities:


---------- -------- ----------------------------
• blood (including menstrual) • unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse • vagina
• semen • sharing needles • anus
• pre-cum • mother to child (in specific cases) • urethra in the penis
• rectal secretions • open cuts and sores (in theory)
• vaginal fluids • other mucosal membranes
• breast milk • points of needle injection
You'll see that required for transfer are all of a fluid involved in transfer, an activity involved in transfer, and direct access to the bloodstream.

So if you've never had an HIV test, we'd recommend you go for a test. We always recommend regular HIV testing for all sexually active individuals. You would need to wait 3 months after this encounter to know your status 100%, but consider the low risk levels involved here.

Thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your question, we hope it has been answered fully.


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