i have a doubt regarding hiv
my cousin is a hiv positive who detected in march2014 and in january 2014 i had lump(due to over heat) on my back. un fortunately my cousin also have same problem on her back and one day the lump was broken and the matter is discharged(i.e blood etc) . it was fast broken to my cousin and my parents cleaned it with a cloth after a few minutes mine also broken and the matter got discharged my parents cleaned it with same cloth that used to my cousin . and my feet are broken due to a health problem(which is from my childhood) i used the same persons bathroom with out slippers. i am at age of 21 still i dont have any symptoms but i got fever twice in two months(aug,sep2014). my weight is 71kgs it was not dropped from beginning of the year. now please answer my question i at risk of hiv?
2. if at risk can a person who received deep mouth kiss ( i dont have any oral sores) and pennis to pennis dockind as well as thigh sex can get it? please answer to my question i m feeling so tense pls pls
Hi there,

Thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver for HIV/AIDS-related information.

Based on your situation, it does not sound like you placed yourself at risk. Let me explain why:

For HIV transmission to occur, the body fluids of someone who is HIV positive (i.e. blood, semen), need direct access to your bloodstream through an activity like unprotected anal/vaginal sex. HIV needs a controlled environment such as inside the human body, to live. Outside the body, HIV is a very weak virus and dies within 60 seconds of exposure to oxygen.

From your scenario, the washcloth would likely not place you at risk. This is because the HIV in your cousin's blood would have already been inactive, and when we are talking about access to the bloodstream, we are talking about a big, freshly bleeding wound, not a lump that has been popped. You should also note that HIV does not live on surfaces. This also means that going without shoes in the washroom would not place you at risk. HIV cannot live on the floor and cannot be transmitted through the skin alone.

So, to answer the questions: 1) No, you are not at risk for HIV based on the scenarios you've described.
2) Deep mouth kissing does not place you at risk. This is because there are enzymes in the saliva that inhibit the production of HIV.
Docking presents a theoretical risk if there is exchange of pre-ejaculatory fluid or semen. However, there has never been a confirmed report of HIV transmission occurring in this way, so the chances of transmitting HIV in this way are considered negligible. I would not be concerned if I were you. Thigh sex would be considered a no risk activity because only one partner's body fluids may be involved. As I had mentioned with the bathroom example, HIV cannot be transmitted through the skin alone. It needs an entry way that is usually through the vagina, rectum or urethra for there to be a risk.

I trust I have answered your questions and relieved your anxieties; however, if you have others, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

All the best


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