Dear team,
I had intercourse on 1 year 6 months before.
After 8 months of my post exposure i did hcv and hiv test.
 i got hcv- positive  and Hiv 1&2- negative
and i tested for hcv rna pcr quqntitative test, valve was less then 15 range. 
Doctor told me there is a chance for me to cure automatically by my immune system because 15 to 25% of the people their immune system cures hcv ...
and also i verified in internet that 15% of hcv infected peoples having chance to cure by their own body immunity  with in a year after infection.
By luckly last 4 months i got hcv negative .
 Now 1 year and 6 months completed ,
And also my hiv test  is negative.
I did Hiv1 RNA real time quantitative pcr test - Below the detection Limit.
Linear detection Range: 50- 1000000 copies/mL)
my question..
1. Are my hiv rna pcr result is conclusive?
i got hcv positive at 8th month. now 1 year 6 months completed, last 4 months i got hcv test negative.
2. there is any change for me to reproduce hcv again?
 Hi there and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information. 
1.  In terms of your HIV tests, both your negative HIV PCR RNA tests at 8 months and 1 year 6 months are completely conclusive and you can be safe to say that you do not have HIV (if you have not had any other exposures since that time). The window period for a HIV PCR test is 2-3 weeks post exposure, so your tests at 8 months and 1 year+ are definitely accurate and conclusive.
Your doctor was correct in saying that although you tested positive for HCV initially, there is a chance that the  virus can be cleared in the early stages. About 20% of individuals who become infected with HCV will clear the virus from their body within 6 months, though this does not mean they are immune from future infection with HCV. The other 80% of people will develop chronic hepatitis C infection, during which the virus may cause mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. These people will, however, carry the hepatitis C virus for the rest of their lives and will remain infectious to others. For more information about HCV, you can visit
2.  Since you tested negative at your second HCV test, then you must be part of the 20% that cleared the HCV within 6 months of becoming infected. Thus, as per your most recent test results, you do not have HCV. However, even if you have successfully cleared the virus, this does not mean that you are immune to re-infection. You are still able to get infected with HCV, and this can be prevented by avoiding direct contact with contaminated blood and injection drug use/sharing needles.
As well, it is important to remember that HIV is only one of over 30 STIs, some of which are far easier to contract than HIV. Regular visits to your physician regarding your sexual health are recommended for any one taking part in any sort of sexual activity.
I hope this answers your questions and please let us know if we can provide any more information.
Take care,
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