Hello everybody my exposure was at feb 3 2015 unprotected oral sex protected vaginal then after i experienced all acute symptoms and experiencing still i tested negaive by PCR DNA at 6 weeks and at 12 week 84 days by 4th generation duo test negative doctor told me nothing to worry u r hiv negative.but in my mind am not sure i cant accept the test resultso then after 15 week i did elisa test which came out negative with 0.3 cut off but im experiencing leg pain burning feet ringing in ears peripheral neuropathy white tonque swallon lymph nodes pins and needles all over body my skin colour changed ...really i dont want to live nowdays this hiv symptoms are killing me i want to die soon i dont want to live with hiv because my wife is 9 months pregnant now i dont know i may c my child growing....i know am infected pls tell me my body is not producing antibodies i have passed to third stage of ars that is AIDS = no antibodies pls reply me soon .....
Hello, thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline,

It sounds like you are distressed about having acquired HIV from unprotected oral sex and protected sex.
It is good to hear you had protected vaginal sex and also got tested for HIV.
I hope the information I will be providing to you will help bring some comfort to you.

I want to talk about the risk level of the activities you engaged in. So unprotected oral sex when receiving is a negligible risk (there are no confirmed reports). Giving oral sex, has a low risk associated with it ( it is only a risk when giving and having extensive dental work done or deep cuts in the mouth). Protected sex has a low risk associated with it also (the risk comes from human error, like if the condom was no intact).

Regarding your symptoms, we here at AIDS Vancouver strongly believe that getting tested for HIV is the only way to know if you are HIV positive. It is best to never go by symptoms because HIV symptoms mirror other viral infections (like the flu for example).

Now regarding your test results, you can consider them conclusive (most likely accurate), if you did not engage in any possible exposure after Feb 3 2015. Official HIV testing guidelines suggest that test results are completely conclusive after 12 weeks (3 months) of possible exposure.

All these symptoms you are experiencing are best to be brought up with your doctor!
And you will only have AIDS after having acquired HIV, and your test results have proved otherwise.

With you saying that you want us to tell you that your body is not producing enough antibodies, honestly testing is the only way to determine this factor. Testing (like the ELISA test you took) specifically looks at the antibodies and the accuracy of that test is 99.8%.
I strongly trust you are at no risk for HIV considering all your factors!

I hope I was of some help to you and able to bring down the concern you have. If you want more information about HIV testing and transmission please visit our website!

Jasmine (Volunteer)

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