hello.sorry because im not to good in english.i visited a massage parlor a week ago and get protective sex( using condom) but im just wondering and i want to know if its any risk if your finger has a severe small cut and not bleed, fingering and masturbate a woman that we suspect high risk hiv.because i did that and i terrified about it. about the 4th generation(cmia) if we get tested early in first couple week from that event, (actually i get cmia test 4 day after the event) and the result is -ve, should i be worry because lately i havent slept well, ate well, and my shoulder aching. how accurate the cmia test?
Hi there, thanks for contacting the AV Helpline with your HIV questions. We're happy to help!

I understand your concern over this situation, so hopefully my answer will help to clear some things up!

First off, we try to avoid "assuming" that people have HIV, and focus rather on the activity that occurred and how to better protect oneself in the future!

I will start by identifying the risk levels:

1) Protected sex (with a condom) is considered a Low Risk Activity. What this means is that although there have been a few cases of infection in this manner, they are usually because of certain identifiable conditions. For example, a condition could be if the condom breaks. If it doesn't break, that greatly reduces the risk of the situation!

2) The cut that you described wouldn't have an effect, because for a cut to increase the risk of infection, it has to be very severe. We describe it as a cut that requires medical attention like stitches, or one that is gushing blood. So the cut you have wouldn't affect this.

3) Fingering someone is considered a Negligible Risk activity. What this means is that they although you can make a case for HIV being transmitted that way, there hasn't been a single confirmed case of infection in this way in BC.

So overall, your risk level is low! This is a great sign, especially if your condom did not break.

In terms of testing, the CMIA test looks for antigens as well as antibodies. The antigens are detected immediately after infection until about the third week, and the antibodies after that. Therefore, the test you took in the first few days is highly accurate, and your negative result is a great sign. That being said, your results are not conclusive, so a subsequent test is recommended to determine your status conclusively. This test is considered by most HIV specialists in the world to be conclusive at 6 weeks, but the guidelines here in Canada are still 12 weeks, so it's up to your discretion (or country guidelines) to decide when to do the subsequent test. But your first test result is a great indicator of your actual status.

I hope this helped, please visit our website or for further information about HIV.



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