I can't seem to recall, but I my girlfriend and I own a strapon.
She used it on me a few times and I used th same one on her at times.

If I do recall, every time I would use it on her, I would wash it because she would remind me.

I would then clean it with antibacterial wipe on it.
I think I misunderstood the disinfectant wipe. There's no alcohol in it likely. I can't read it properly because it's in chinese, but it is antibacterial for sure. One is called Tempo protect and the other is a dettol wet wipe.
Something like these two links to pictures: [g_520-w_g]

The next day or two, I don't recall or later that day she would use it on me again. I don't remember if I washed it with soap and water. But only using the antibacterial wipes.

Both of us had never had sex prior to our relationship and we've never used drug syringes or any drugs actually.

Does this pose a risk because of sharing sex toy? I have disinfected the strapon, but with antibacterial wipes. I read somewhere that you can use baby wipes or baby bottle sterilizer. Does that mean that the antibacterial wipe has sufficiently disinfected the strapon?

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the possibility of HIV transmission through sharing a sex toy.

From the information given, this scenario is determined to be No Risk (transmission of HIV is not possible in the given scenario).

The scenario mentioned above does not meet the three components of the HIV Transmission Equation (see down below).

You mentioned that you have disinfected the sex toy with antibacterial wipes. However, even if there had been fluid containing HIV positive particles, that was present on the sex toy, the HIV particles would be inactivated as exposure of the virus to oxygen quickly deactivates it. The CDC has shown that "HIV does not survive long outside the body (such on surfaces), and it cannot reproduce outside of the human host" (1). When HIV is exposed to oxygen, it undergoes a rapid decrease in concentration (90-99% within a couple of hours), so the risk of environmental transmission of HIV is essentially zero (1). 

Therefore, since the sex toy did not come in contact with HIV positive bodily fluid, and that there was no direct access to the bloodstream, means there is No Risk of transmission from this activity. Therefore, this scenario does not meet the three components of the HIV Transmission Equation (see down below).

Recommendation: No need for an HIV test with the scenario provided, please refer to a healthcare professional for other health related questions.


AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online,  Sonali

1. HIV in the environment  

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Hello Sonali.

Thanks for your quick response. Your response has eased my tensions.
However, I still want to clarify. In other sites, it says the sharing of sex toys that haven't been properly cleaned is high risk while disinfected sex toy is negligible risk.
Given I disinfected the strapon (dildo) with at least the antibacterial wipes (I have no idea if it can kill HIV), does that mean it is sufficiently disinfected and pose negligible risk?

My girlfriend used the strapon for anal on me. I've used it on her vagina too. Between use (on either her or me), I'm pretty sure I would disinfect it with antibacterial wipes. I would wash it with soap and water, but I can't recall if I did it all the time (that's why I'm worried, I think I didn't wash it with soap once or twice), but for sure I disinfected it with antibacterial wipes.

I know the chances are that both of us are not infected because we do not do drugs ever or had sex before our relationship, but I still do want to make sure that both her and I are safe. I'm just assuming that either my girlfriend or I is infected.

Also, the first time the strapon was new out of the box, my girlfriend did anal on me with it without washing it, however it was new. It still disturbs me because someone might have used it before although unlikely because I can't remember if the strapon dildo was sealed in plastic bag although it was in a plastic bag in the box. I just want to know if there were any cases where a person was infected from a "new" dildo strapon.

Thanks for you for your help. Have always found this site the most reliable one when regarding HIV inquiries. I've used this site many times in the past and it has helped me ease my fears of HIV.

I want to donate to your site, however, is there a way to pay using PayPal?

Thank you for your follow up question. No there has not been any documented cases where a person has acquired HIV from using a new sex toy. Due to the fact that a new sex toy has not been used, no HIV positive particles would be on it.  Therefore, since the sex toy did not come in contact with HIV positive bodily fluid, and that there was no direct access to the bloodstream, there is No Risk of transmission or acquisition of HIV. 

Have a nice day,

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online,  Sonali

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