I am a female and I had sex with a guy I later found out was hiv+, I don't know if he is on medication or his viral load or anything like that, I just know he does have hiv. The condom broke and I felt him cum inside me. I had a negative hiv test at 6 weeks and 3 months but these symptoms that seem to be linked to hiv are no going away at all. I'm concerned that the test isn't picking up my antibodies if I have became infected.

If he was recently infected isn't that a greater possibility of him giving it to me because of his high viral load or something like that? If so, could his viral load effect my test results? Like maybe not enough in my body yet to show at 3 months? I'm just confused why my tests are showing negative but these symptoms wont go away, I am very very very stressed

Also just because he does have hiv and the condom broke and I felt his cum go inside me doesn't necessarily mean I definitely got hiv? Aren't there different factors that play a role?

I don't know maybe I'm just being paranoid but these symptoms are whats making me not trust my results, I'm getting retested at 6 months

Thank you for your time
Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline forum.

It sounds like you're concerned about a sexual experience you had and about the accuracy of your test results.

The good news is that HIV tests are considered to be conclusive when taken 3 months after exposure, so the negative test you took at 3 months can be considered to be conclusive in BC. However, getting retested at 6 months can still be a good idea because it will confirm your results and put your mind at ease.

Being exposed to HIV (whether it is through the condom breaking during sex, unprotected sex, sharing needles, etc.) in no way guarantees that you will acquire HIV. Some people are exposed on more than one occasion and do not acquire HIV. If you have a pre-existing condition affecting your health (e.g.presence of an STI) this may increase your chances of acquiring HIV.

In regards to your symptoms, at AIDS Vancouver we do not go by symptoms as an indicator of HIV. This is because symptoms can be present for any number of reasons that are unrelated to HIV. My suggestion would be to visit your doctor and partner with them in figuring out the cause of your symptoms and hopefully treating them as well.

For more information about other STI's you can check out and for more information about HIV you can always check out the AIDS Vancouver website. In addition to this, feel free to give the AIDS Vancouver helpline a call if you have anymore questions.

I hope this information helps to answer your questions and helps with your worries. It seems like you have already taken the safest action possible in this situation by getting tested and, good on you! A potential exposure to HIV can be a scary experience and it is completely understandable that you are concerned. At this point, the indications of your status that you have received seem to say that the symptoms you are experiencing are not related to HIV.

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