I had gone through an insane incident which is freaking me out about HIV..

Please read care fully & answer me, i know it may feel bit awkward question to you but i need physiological support by someone who is expert in this.

Recently in a health check up camp, i had a simple blood group test along with height, weight, BP etc but i am worried about the way they conducted blood group test as follow.

Before me, around 45-50 people done the blood group test & i observed that the person who is performing blood group test is using three different chemicals ( i think type A,B & O group) using three different glass sticks & he is applying this chemical on a flat glass surface, sometime he is applying chemical first on surface & finger blood upon it & sometimes blood is applying first on surface followed by chemical on it.
My doubt is that suppose one of person is having HIV & he is applied the blood first on surface & the faculty person applied chemical over it using glass stick, now HIV will pick up by this glass stick & again when he put this stick back in chemical bottle then the whole chemical bottle may get contaminated by HIV, & 1) when i punctured my finger & applied my blood over it by touching this chemical is there any chances that i will get effected too??
2) The flat surface used to apply blood, was used again & again by just cleaning previous blood by cotton, even though there is no visible blood on surface but is there any chance to get HIV by touching our punctured finger on this surface??
Though they used separate "use & through" needle to punctured finger for each & every person.

I am freaking out about HIV....Please please please answer me...
Hi there! Thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions and concerns. We're happy to help!

I understand this must have been a worrisome situation for you, but hopefully my answer will help to ease some of your worries.

I'm happy to let you know that there is No Risk in this situation, regardless of the order that was performed! There are two reasons for this.

1) Even if there was HIV present on the glass, it would be no risk, because HIV is a weak virus that cannot survive exposure outside the body. This means that once HIV is outside of the body and exposed to the general environment, it becomes damaged and inactivated and can no longer be passed on, eliminating any possible risk.

2)the puncture wound on your finger wouldn't be able to provide direct access to the bloodstream that is necessary to establish an HIV infection. In order for a wound to do this, it has to be quite severe and deep. We describe it as a wound that is either gushing blood or requires immediate medical attention such as stitches. A prick on your finger would not be sufficient.

Overall, there is absolutely no risk in this situation, so there is no reason to be concerned or to get tested!

I hope this helped! Please check out our website or for more reliable HIV information.



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