Hello my name is nabeey from kenya. 23yrs old  pursuing a bachelors degree in information technology.About a year ago at a high school reunion after a couple of drinks i was involved with a girl and we had unprotected sex, after going in maybe two strokes i noticed i dint have a condom on and i stoped and  put one on. Since i dint know the girl too well The next day i went for a test and was found negative.I applied before the expiry of the 72hrs after exposure and was put on PEPs for 28 days.After completion of the medication,i tested negative.I waited for 12weeks and got tested again and it was still negative. I had always  been carefull and that was the only time i messed up, but seconds after going in i backed out and used protection.Since then i was relieved and have been taking care of myself, even rejecting sex at all if there wasnt protection available. Over the past year i have gained a bit of weight that i pant after walking up 5 storeys  at my school for classes.The other day  i experienced a little swollen lymph node at the groin region and also had like a big pimple on my buttock.I visited a chemist and was given antibiotics.The doctor while wraping up the antibiotics mentioned that these are brought about by low immunity.The moment he mentioned that, i became scared and while browsing the net these were among symptoms of hiv.Am really scared,that after taking care of myself for all those years,being the most careful amongst my friends, pushing girls away, saying no to sex if it was unprotected!!! I cant take it if that one little mistake could ruin my whole life.  Am very ambitious and am working hard almost opening the biggest film studio in my region.But if i end up positive, i dont think i will have any passion for life or my life long dreams.maybe am just being irrational but am terrified of the results!!! Please help
Hello and thank you for coming to this site for your answers. We are happy to help you.

Your testing indicates that your negative results are considered conclusive, so there is no need to worry. In addition, you were on PEP which is great, and the woman from the original exposure may not have even been carrying the HIV virus to begin with! Although your doctor said that you have low immunity, this is not an indication of current HIV status. This could be due to a different illness, or other medical reasons. Furthermore, we do not go by symptoms to determine HIV status here at AIDS Vancouver, because there are no clinically defined symptoms for HIV. This means that some people show them, others do not, and they often get confused with other illnesses.

It sounds like you are incredibly ambitious! Keep pursuing your goals, and trust that your negative results are conclusive. For further information, it may be in your best interest to keep in contact with your local healthcare professional during this time. In addition, next time you have HIV-related questions, you may wish to phone us at 604-253-0566 ext 299, as it is often reassuring to hear a human voice and we are all very kind and happy to help here at the Helpline.

I hope I have answered all of your questions. Please feel free to continue reaching out to your available resources for information, including the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.




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