Almost dead because of all these symptoms.4months back i had done few sec cunninlingus with a sex worker.felt bitter in taste and stopped suddenly.protected vaginal sex and didnt notice weather the condom is broken or not.
Symptoms on 5th weeks -
*a small cold sore appeared outside the lip-lasted for a week and went away(had vitamin B med)
*muscle pain
*small small pimple on face and chest
*burning sensation near mouth

Hiv rapid test-negative

10th week-
*tingling and prickling sensation(only right side)
*fordyce spots on lips
*blurred vision(right eye)
*terry'nail-red band(all nails)
*pain under right arm
*swollen node on neck(under jaw)usually it can be felt only when you get cold.
*stiff neck(right side)

During this time i took these medicines(CEFUTIC 500MG,COVIR 400MG,ROXONIN 60,ORAHERP FOR L A BD)

Hiv rapid test at month 12-negative


HIV 1 and 2 rapid test at week 14-negative
Other blood test-normal

week 15
Sypmtoms continues and had (Nervit forte,oxidon plus) doc prescribed these medicnes for a month.aftre taking these medicine i got yellow coated tounge.for that he gave (T.AF 150mg,candid mouth paint,T.Actilife)

Week 16
Sore throat,cold,cough (had T.Gabantin 300mg,T.Fex 180mg,T.Aziclass 250)

Pain under ear(felt like an obstricle is placed inside my ear.and felt so heavy inside.but i can hear everythng properly(right ear)..and stiff neck continues.(took Hifenac p tab,pantop 40mg)

Hiv 1 &2 (ELISA) -non reactive
HBS AG(ELISA)-non reactive
HCV(ELISA) -non reactive
ULTRASOUND ABDOMEN-Liver,G.B,spleen,pancreas,kidneys,urinary bladder,prostate-NORMAL

Week 20-current problems
*reoccurent sore throat,cold and cough
*teeth mark on the side of tounge
*yellow coating on tounge
*red blood veins on both eyes(cmv?)
*i can feel small peanut size lymp nodes on my elbow,biceps,thighs,stomach,hip and back.(most worrisome)
*tinnitus(really worried about this)

Ps-2008 i had done sinus operation
1year back i tested pos for lyphoma.(during that time i can feel some small hard nodes on my biceps and stomach).

My question is
1-Do you think i am hiv infected?
2-any other std?if so,what all?
3-why all these symptoms one another one?
4-i tested negative,is that bcz my body doesnt produce enough antibodies?
5-heard that in some cases the window period is 6months(comp immune system).what does that mean?do i have a weak immune system because of lyphoma?is that the reason am taking lot of time to produce antibodies?
6-if it is not hiv then why this lymp nodes, terry's nails,trush and all other symptoms came.?
7-do i need to test at 6month mark?
8-do you think this symptoms could be a sign of thyroid,diabetes,tumor or lyphoma cancer?

Actually am 24yrs old and it was my first sexual really worried about all these symptoms.if it is hiv i have to take proper medicines without informing others..bcz my family very relegious and have a good name in the society.i dont want to destroy will be the first and last mistake i have done in my life.i know there is no use of telling this now.everyday am dying with a guilty feeling.i know am hiv positive.but i just want to hear your openion too.please give reply.sorry for the poor english and long post.
Hi there,

Thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of information.

I am going to do my best to address your questions as you've asked them:

1) I do not think you have transmitted HIV. All your test results at week 16 are completely conclusive and no further testing would have been needed. As per the World Health Organization's guidelines, HIV tests are all conclusive at 3 months (12 weeks) post possible exposure; i.e. if the tests come back negative at that point and onwards, they provide and an accurate and conclusive result of your HIV status.

2) Sexually transmitted infections or STI's are entirely possible, and we recommend all sexually active individuals test regularly for HIV and STI's. We are not doctors here at AIDS Vancouver and cannot diagnose or suggest a diagnoses. I would recommend pairing with a doctor and completing an STI test if you have concerns. STI's and HIV cannot hide within your body and will be detected via blood tests.

3) These symptoms could be caused by any number of things-but keep in mind that if they are being caused by HIV, it means that the HIV would be detectable in your blood. This is not the case, which leads us to conclude that they are related to something entirely not related to HIV.

4) No, this is because you are negative for HIV. If you were HIV positive, your body would produce a detectable amount of antibodies, certainly by week 12.

5) 6 Month testing is necessary only for individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy, undergoing hepatitis treatment, have a pre-existing immunodeficiency disorder, or are on PrEP or PEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or Post Exposure Prophylaxis). We cannot comment on your the state of your immune system.

6) Again, please reach out to a health care professional in your area, as they would be able in assisting you with the technical questions that you have.

7) If none of the conditions in my answer for question number 5 apply to you, then you don't need to get re-tested at 6 months.

You seem to be dealing with a great deal of anxiety and distress. Therefore, I want to emphasize the importance of you reaching out to a doctor or a counsellor in your area. If you don't feel comfortable with seeing someone in person in your own city, perhaps visiting a health care professional in an adjacent city would be an option. Based on what you have discussed, you are NOT HIV positive, so hopefully that will help alleviate from the distress.

In health,

Moe, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer.


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