Hi Guys,

It is now the 2 year mark of me receiving oral sex from a CSW in Macau. During this time I have had a lot of questionable symptoms:

- severe sore throat within the 6th week with red bumps at the back of the mouth, red bumps still here as I type

- lymph nodes less than 1cm in the neck and throat

- nausea, lethargy, anxiety

- 3 cases of angular cheilitis within a span of 3 months

- semi-night sweats (not really drenched) more of hints of sweat.

And the most alarming is thinning of my legs and arms. My knees dont have fat around it, while my forearm bone is prominent. I also have a bulging stomach and a start of enalrged breasts. I dont know if I also have the start of a buffalo hump but my traps are getting bigger not really sure if muscle or fat.

Is this Lipo???? I have been tested by Abbott Architect AG/AB at the 7th, 10, 12th, 17th, and 21st WEEK mark. All negative.

Should I be worried???!!
Hi there,

Thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of information.

First of all, receiving oral sex is considered a LOW RISK activity. This means that there have been a few reported cases of HIV transmission occurring this way. Furthermore, human saliva inhibits HIV, making it less likely for people to acquire HIV through oral sex.

In regards to your encounter with the commercial sex worker, it is important to realize that a sex worker is not necessarily at a higher risk for HIV than anyone else. Anyone can pass HIV, regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. It is the activity (i.e. unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse and needle sharing) that poses an HIV risk.

HIV transmission requires all of the following:

1. Body fluids containing high levels of HIV, e.g. blood, semen, and vaginal/rectal secretions,

2. A high-risk activity, e.g. unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse or the sharing of needles, and

3. Direct access of HIV-containing fluids into the bloodstream, e.g. through the vagina, anus, mucus membranes, or points of needle injection.

4. A controlled environment, which means no exposure to the air. Activities like unprotected sex or the sharing of needles are high risk activities since they don't involve any exposure to the air, while activities like mutual masturbation or frottage are negligible to no-risk activities since they involve full exposure to the air.

As far as symptoms go, there are no clinical symptoms associated with HIV. This means that no consistent physical symptoms have been observed among people with HIV. With that being said, some infected individuals do experience a strong flu-like illness 2-3 weeks post exposure, and this last for about 8-10 days. However, some infected individuals experience no symptoms at all.

The symptoms you're experiencing could very well be related to something other than HIV. We recommend that you reach out to a health care professional in your area.

The HIV test you've done, the AG/AB DUO/COMBO Test is considered to be the leading HIV test available by man HIV specialists. It provides results that are more than 99% accurate at 6 weeks post possible exposure. With that being said, based on the World Health Organization's guidelines for testing, HIV tests are all conclusive at 84 days post possible exposure. However, it is very unlikely that your tests results are to change if you were to get retested.

Hopefully the information provided above has given you a clearer perspective on your situation, and perhaps some peace of mind.

In health,

Moe- AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer

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