HI, this will be quick .

I had a sexual encounter with a masseuse on 19th of june 2014 (One time only) didnt last long, i dont remember that night well if condom was used or no. but it was vaginal sex lasted less than 7min. I know i put my self in a high risk. im stupid and never going back again. As i got married two weeks ago and im starting to get paranoid as im have inflamed lymph node on my neck. and one small one on my back side of the neck . no pain but i can feel the one on my neck. the doctor gave me antibiotics as he said it might be bacterial not HIV related. it got little better but not fully recovered.

he said if it didnt get better they need to take a sample of the node ( scary )

Anyways, i did HIV test two weeks after exposure i did HIV TEST ( maybe RNA test) came back negative .
On October 2014 ( 3.5-4 moths after exposure ) i did full STD with HIV and came back negative. i think the test was ECLIA was non reactive <0.9

December 2014 (approx. 6 months after exposure )i did a full STD and this time the HIV TEST Was Due Test CAMIA TEST (dont know which generation ) came back non-reactive HIV I&II Abs+ p.24 Ag 0.25<0.1 non reactive

I did in Jan 2015 ABS test also came out non-reactive.

Last test i did Jan 22nd 2015 (7 months after exposure ) DUE Test HIV I&II Abs+ p.24 Ag. Came out Non- reactive.

I know i have to trust my results, but ive heard in my case should i retest at 1 year mark. or i can finally close this chapter and focus on my marriage. im really scared, i dont want to harm my wife.... and my lymph nodes problem is not helping my enxity going away, im working with the doctor to help me figure the source of the problem . he is insuring me its not HIV related...... What is your advice ? am i clear from HIV and can move on? or more tests needed?
Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. We are happy to assist you.

You may be happy to learn that all of your tests are considered conclusive because they were taken after the 84 day post-exposure mark. In this case, it is reasonable to trust your test results as conclusive because you have had multiple after the window period and they all came back negative.

In terms of your symptoms, we always recommend trusting your healthcare professional, and in this case I would agree with him/her in that your symptoms are not HIV related because of your repeated test results. Furthermore, we do not use symptoms as a determinant of HIV status here at AIDS Vancouver because there are no clinically defined symptoms for HIV.

I hope your symptoms get treated and you start feeling better. Also, congratulations on your marriage! If you have any more questions, feel free to post on this forum again, visit, or call us confidentially at 604-253-0566 ext 299.




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