hi Dr,

i am male 29. i had a encounter with the escort girl in 13 nov 2014. she gave me the hand job, there was no vaginal,anal penetration and no oral sex. she just put a condom on my penis while putting in her mouth that's it. i kissed here shoulder and body but no mouth kissing at all but i did touch her vagina with my hand but i didnt insert inside and also on her anus but i didnt insert neither penis nor finger . but after 2 weeks on this incident i have been feeling burning in my stomach and stomach upset with anal itching/anal fissure and white tongue. i was tested on 25th day for all std including hiv all came back negative. but week after that i again went to the doctor and he ran test for h-pylori coz of my stomach burning and it came back positive and i was treated for it. but during all that time my anal was itchy and my tongue was white. than in jan2015 i got married i was scared too so i had a protected sex with my wife except 2 times. but in 17 feb i had UTI infection all of sudden and i felt burning in urinating and a little bit of blood and and white discharge from my penis i went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotic again ran all std tests including hiv and it all came back negative. im so worried why this is happening to me when all my stds test are negative. i still have white tongue and burning in my stomach and anal inflammation and itching, from last week im also feeling headache and eyes burning. my 2nd test was after 95 days of my sex encounter from escort girl. and after 5 month to the encounter i had a mucos like white thick discharge from my anus it happened two times. im very worried plz answer me if my results are conclusive than why i have such symptoms or should be get tested again or my results are conclusive?

plz reply im very worried and sorry for long question.
Thank you for coming to AIDS Vancouver Helpline for all your HIV related questions.

It sounds like you are very worried about all your symptoms.

While you are worried about your symptoms and if they relate to HIV I want you to know that we are volunteers who provide HIV information, in regards to health issues it is still important to partner with your doctor. The reason we do not go by symptoms as an indicator of HIV is because they could reflect other viral infections such as the flu. The "only" way to know for sure that you have not acquired HIV is by taking HIV tests which you've told me you have done twice.

We want you to know that most HIV testing (3rd and 4th generation tests) are considered conclusive after 84 days. Your test at 95 days can be considered conclusive. Furthermore, the activity you described is a No Risk sexual activity which contributes to your negative test result. Again, symptoms are not a good indicator of HIV and from what you've told me your tests are conclusive but if you think it's necessary for peace of mind.

If you want to know more about testing accuracy you can go to [](

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I hope I was able to answer all your questions and alleviate your distress.

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