Please I need your help, I`m so trerrified, and in stress.
I went in hospital in my capital city Prishtina excactly in May (03.05.2016) to do a hiv test because i was worried I diden`t know so much about hiv i read somewhere in internet that hiv could be spread by kissing, and i remembered that one guy which i didn`t know him before kissed me in summer holidays 3 years ago so i started to get worried because i couldnt remember any symptoms and i read also that hiv can not show symptoms in some cases and i come worried more and I decided to do the hiv test first I went a week before going to the hospital in one private labotatory to do the test and it cames negarive but to be more sure because i was anxious i decided to go to the hospital to do the hiv test, and i`ve done it, it came hiv negative as in private laboratory i was so happy i that moment.
What worries me all in this situation is hygiene there in hospital because when i entered inside in that room where they do the test to the patients in desk i saw a used rapid test, doctor didnt threw it away, when I sat in the chair he threw it and started to prepare to do my test.
He took a rapid test a clean needle to pick my finger to draw my blood i saw that but he didnt use a plastic pipette as usually for e.x like in that pivate laboratory which i went one week before and like i saw in internet how doctors around the world do, but he had a plastic bottle it was like small bottle placed in a box up to half of its and doctor took her out to take my blood to put it in rapid test. That "bottle" because i dont know how to say it excactly in english, had a plastic part in the top of her which could be change after he takes the blood and to put new one and to reuse that bottle for other patients again and in the bottom she had a part to suppress by thumb to draw the blood .
So I`m worried about this bottle because so while its used again as i said above doctor could infect her with other patients infected blood by touching her with wet hands by alcohol solution from bloody cotton ball you know what i mean(cotton ball soaked in alcohol to clean the area before picking the finger and after to clean the blood when it cames out in first time) after this proces as he done for me he did to other patients and could infect her everyvere and whats is the worst in the bottom of her. That part could be wet by touching her by thumb and other parts of her by fingers because she had a paper drape which she cant be dry immediatly especialy after the doctor puts her in the box as I said before. When result came negative15 min. later I greet by shakeing hands the doctor which was still wearing the gloves and touched the bottle and the pen to fulfill the questionar and then to sign me. i signed i touched the pen I touched the gloves by shakeing hands but i dont remember if i touched my skin or my mouthe or nouse etc
Two weeks after that i was in hospital I had symptoms like flu then they gone, 4 weeks after I had other symptomes like nausea but i didnt vomit and a little temperature these symptomes last one week then they gone now six weeks after I have sore throat my right side of my neck is swollen a little bit and my left side hurts like is going to swollen and i feel pains under arms. What do you think?
Yesterday i`ve done complete analysis and my erithrocites are a little bit hight, which it means an infection and ALT is 13 AST 24.
Please answer me as soon as posible because im terrifed and sorry for my english if i wasnt clear

Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It seems that you are concerned that the HIV test at the hospital might have been contaminated and that the symptoms you are having might be HIV related. We are glad to provide some information.

It is encouraging to note that you have taken an HIV test twice. At Aids Vancouver we encourage people to use HIV testing as a regular health maintenance routine. By this we mean getting tested once or twice a year. This will help you to have peace of mind and provides the earliest opportunity of intervention if it is ever required.

HIV is not transmitted by kissing or casual contact. The incident that you described, kissing, is considered a No Risk activity. This is because there a no confirmed reports of HIV being transmitted this way.

With regards to the HIV test done at the hospital we do not comment on the practices used by doctors at their centers. However we can re-assure you that all testing centers take adequate precaution to ensure that all the tests they perform are accurate and free of contamination. HIV does not transmit when it is exposed to air so the fact that the doctor had handled other material from people that were being tested does not lead to HIV transmission.

With regards to the symptoms that you described it is important to note that we do not determine the HIV status of individuals using symptoms as some symptoms can also be caused by other viral infections that are not related to HIV. The only way to determine HIV status is by getting tested and you have done this twice already. When HIV tests are performed three months or more after an exposure the results are considered conclusive. The results you got indicate that you are HIV free. We encourage you to discuss the other symptoms with your doctor who will be in a better position to advise you.

The Aids Vancouver Helpline Online forum has postings that are related to your question that you can read for additional information. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us again.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

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