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I had a possible exposure during unprotected oral sex with 2 guys (I am male, 52). One guy performed oral on me and another guy going back and forth between us. The other guy receiving was uncircumcised and I did see some discharge (not sure if precum or what). No anal was involved. At less than 2 weeks I developed a possible infection as I had some scant yellow / green discharge and pain in my groin / pelvic area. A few days later I also developed a sore throat and head cold. I had a full STD panel including an Aptima Early Detection test at 15 days. All negative. Because of the discharge my dr put me on Cipro. I was on Cipro and another antibiotic for 7 weeks. These are the tests I have had through LapCorp in the US:

1) 15 days post - full STI panel, early detection - all negative
2) 30 days - antibody and syphilis - negative
3) 43 days (6 weeks) - full panel again, early detection, 4th gen antigen/antibody test - all negative
4) 8 weeks - antibody only - negative

I have had all kinds of symptoms from something....sore throat, blurry vision, several types of rashes all over my body, swollen tongue, dry mouth, swollen lymph nodes in groin and on one side of neck, burning skin sensation especially on my forehead but also on my arms and knees. Joint pain (especially knees) and muscle pain and muscle twitching (all over including eye). Doctor is not sure what the issue is so I am going to a urologist. My wife is also complaining about "not feeling right", some finger joint pain, tired a lot, and she had a rash (one bump) that looked just like molloscum contagiosum. My rash has not presented itself like hers and my continues to come and go. I am very confused that if I do have HIV why the tests are not showing something after 8 weeks. I am also concerned I have infected my wife over a very stupid and one time action that I regret everyday. I know some of my symptoms may be due to anxiety but I could not create all of them or my wife's. I have not told her anything yet until I get my results (didn't want her worrying for 3 months). Can any of the tests taken so far be a good indication of a negative status even with all of my symptoms? In 2014, do I still have to wait 3 months for a conclusive result? I am worried I need to retest at 6 months or maybe a year (no specific conditions or drug use). I am finding it hard to trust my test results at this point because my body is telling me something else. Please help!
Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. Your early test results are a good indicator that you have not acquired HIV; however the standard set by the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends testing at 12 weeks (84 days) post exposure for a conclusive result. I encourage you to have testing at that point and then you can trust that result and will not require re-testing at 6 months.

There are no clinical symptoms which are consistently associated with HIV to be used to diagnose the presence of the virus. Only testing can tell you if you have acquired HIV. So far, all indications are that you do not have HIV, but again, I encourage you to have testing at 12 weeks, and then you can be assured of your HIV status.

If you have any other HIV related questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Helpline again.

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