hello i was tested for hiv and hcv 8 months after exposure,i was wondering can the test be false because i was tested from one vial of blood is that blood enough for hcv and hiv test,my doctor says that is more than enough that only one droop blood is enough,but im very anxious, and one more question what if by the time they test my blood the hiv virus was not alive any more.i tested > 4th Generation/DUO test,i know this questions may be stupid but im really scared
Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your query

It seems that you're feeling confused about the testing protocols after a conversation with your doctor.

We at AIDS Vancouver are not medical professionals, and so I can only give you very general information. If you have a more specific question about your test, it is best to continue that discussion with your doctor.

Blood and swab tests are often grouped together, so it would be perfectly normal to expect a blood sample to be tested for both HIV and HCV, in the same way that cells from a single swab can be tested for both chlamydia and gonorrhea. Your testing centre will choose the most appropriate kit for the tests that your doctor has recommended for you. As a patient, this means that you are spared the trauma of multiple swabs and needles, and you can spend less time in the clinic.

Vials for blood collection contain fluids which preserve the sample, ensuring that your sample reaches the lab in the optimum condition for testing. Again, the kit chosen will be specific to the test requested, so you can be confident that the blood will reach the lab in a state which allows the technician to find what they are looking for.

At the lab, the technician will take only a small amount of the sample to run each test. As your doctor says, one drop might be sufficient for each test, so having a full vial is plenty to do both (and also enough to run a second test from the same sample if there was any problem with your initial result).

Thousands of people have blood tests every day, and laboratories are very strictly controlled. If you had your sample drawn by a registered professional, then there is no need to be concerned.

With regards to the result, the 4th generation is an excellent choice of test and a result at 8 months would be conclusive. Is there some other reason that you are unable to accept your results?

I hope that this information will help you to feel less scared about testing, both for HIV / STIs, and any future tests you might need to have.

Very best wishes

Wendy (Volunteer)

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