i have been really having tough times with regards to hiv. it all started few years ago with i had un protected sex with someone and i started feeling sick. i went for testing for hiv and other stds, and i had clymadia, andi got treated for it but hiv started to scare me alot. did so many tests after that and all came bk negative.
i got so scared that i stopped having sex or relationship butt few months ago i met this girl and we started having protected sex that last time i had sex with her was alomost 8 weeks ago and thats when my anixty kicked in again. and i had duo test twice a week since then all came back negative. i did tests from agha khan, shaukat khanam and chugtai lab lahore...
well i now know that almost 8 weeks test are very conclusive but there is one thing that is worrying me..
it was a test i did at 5 weeks mark at chugtai labs..i went to the counter and paid the bill but when i went for the blood to be drawn the person who was there got syringe and oppend it but as soon he was about to take the blood out he told me that hiv is not so common here less then 1% of the population has it but there is syplis that many people has it. you should get tested for that as well. i said ok so i went out to the counter again and got the slip for syplis as well. took about 3-5 mins.
when i came bk the guy was holding an open syringe and took a blood sample..i would have not been so worried about it if only after 2 weeks i started getting flu like sysmptoms..
so i did some more tests all non reactive.
also how much blood it required to get infected?
how much a needle is at risk for drawing blood?
how good are my results? I m only worried about 2 times when I went for a test. First I mentioned above and second at about 3 weeks mark from the lab incident when the lab attendant wasnt wearing hand cloves, she opened a new syringe in front of me and put hand sanitizer on then she took my blood. i asked her why she isnt wearing cloves she said she doesnot wear them, because it is hard for her to take the blood sample... should i be worried? is this a risk i did see any blood on her hands...she takes blood sample for alot of people now wearing cloves..
can i get infected this way
Hello and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

I can see that you have suffered a great deal of anxiety about your HIV status. Testing at 8 weeks can give a good indication of your HIV status, but testing at 12 weeks will give you a conclusive result. If your test result is negative after 12 weeks (84 days) then you do not need additional testing. The only times further testing is needed are for people who have undergone chemotherapy, are on anti-viral treatment for Hepatitis C, have another immunodeficiency disease, or are on treatment with PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis).

If you are unsure of the procedures at the labs then you may choose to re-test at 12 weeks after possible exposure. If your result is negative at that point, you do not need to keep getting tested.

You wondered about transmission. It is never recommended to re-use needles, as that is a high risk means of transmission. The lab tech who does not use gloves does not appear to have created a risk since there was no opportunity for direct person to person exchange of blood.

Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV because they may look like symptoms from various other causes. Only a blood test will tell you whether or not you have acquired HIV.

I hope this helps to address your concerns.

In future, if you have new HIV related questions, please contact the Helpline again.

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