Hi. i had an homosexual experience 6 weeks ago, which right now i regret have done that.
we had mutual oral sex not sperm in our mouth was holded.
then i topped him using a CONDOM as far as i know it never was broken or leakable .

after that.. i got worry and i took and RAPID diagnostic kit for antibody to human inmmunodefiency,
(colloidal gold chromatography) AT 6 weeks after the exposure, and it came out negative!!!

the guy who i did this he keep telling me that he is HIV negative and he haven't sex with sick people or with to many people.

What are my chances to become HIV positive , after having my 6 week rapid hiv test negative result. ??

recombinant hiv antigen mixed (p24,gp120,gp41,gp36 test line)
rabbit anti hiv antibodies (control line), recombinant hiv antigen mixed ( p24,gp120,gp41,gp36 ) Gold standard pad.
Hello and thank you for using AIDS Vancouver as a resource for HIV/AIDS related infromation.

In order for HIV transmission to occur a specific HIV positive fluids (ie: semen, pre-cum, vaginal, anal, etc.) must come into direct contact with the blood stream of an HIV negative person. Unprotected anal sex does carry with it a high risk of transmission but as you used to condom this makes the activity low risk. A low risk means that there is a potential for transmission because there is the exchange of bodily fluids, however, only a few cases have been reported as a result from these activities and usually under certain conditions such as the removal of a condom.

I would like to commend you for using a condom as this not only protects yourself but other's as well from transmitting or receiving sexually transmitted infections. To answer your question directly, you have a low risk of contracting HIV. There are two reasons for this; first, receiving oral sex has a negligible risk (which means that theoretically transmission could happen under specific circumstances, but there has never been a reported case of that occurring). Giving oral sex carries with it a low risk of transmission, with that being said human saliva inhibits HIV. During sexual intercourse you used a condom which according to you did not break or leak; this risk for transmission under these circumstances is a low risk.

In regards to the testing, the rapid HIV test is very effective at finding results at 6 weeks of potential exposure. Generally in the time frame of 4-6 weeks, 95% of infections are detected using the rapid HIV test. With that beings said the World Health Organization guidelines indicate that HIV tests are all conclusive at 3 months post possible exposure.

We do not however recommend home test kits as they have a high chance of producing false positives. There is more room for error when you take the test yourself. We would suggest that if you have further concerns regarding the test results that you contact your medical practitioner but from the information you have provided me it seems that you are unlikely to have acquired HIV. I would also like to refer you to the[ AIDS Vancouver website]( forum history for more information regarding testing and transmission.

In regards to your sexual encounter, sexual orientation does not bring a higher risk for HIV than anything else. It doesn’t matter who you’re having sex with; anyone can pass on HIV, regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. It is the activity (ie. unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse and needle sharing) that poses an HIV risk.

I hope that we have answered all your questions,

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