First of all thank you very much for your help.hi sir my name is rahul.I am from India and 23 years old male.after a sex with broken condom (with csw) I have tested negative by 4th generation vidas hiv duo ultra test at 1st weeks,2nd weeks,3rd weeks,5 th week,6th weeks after exposure.After 7 week of exposure I have tested negative by hiv pcr rna viral load test.after 8 weeks of exposure I have tested negative by vidas hiv duo ultra test.After 10 weeks of exposure I have tested negative by hiv duo ultra test.After 82 days of exposure I have tested negative by vidas hiv duo ultra test.After 84 days of exposure I have tested negative by hiv 1&2 rapid test.After 15 weeks of exposure I have tested negative by hiv 1&2 rapid test.......I have read in your posts that if someone have immunodeficiency diseases than window period Is 6 months.....I have diagnosed with pneumonia at childhood.I have also diagnosed with malaria at childhood.I have diagnosed with pimples treatment before20 days of exposure and diagnosed with skin allergies before 8 months of exposure....are these diseases immunodeficiency diseases?by reading above conditions plzz plzz tell me is my test conclusive? My second concern is... how can I know that I have immunodeficiency diseases or not which affects on hiv test?Before 1 year of exposure I have donated blood in which my blood test is negative. At that time doctor said that I am physically this evidence of I have not any immunodeficiency diseases that affect on hiv test??..I am addicted of chewing tobacco...Is this habbit of chewing tobacco affects on hiv test?.Is one tablet of clotas e (which is for anxiety relaxation)affects on hiv test?I have also take medicines for vitamin d complex this medicines for vitamin d complex supplement affects on hiv test?Lozano help me..... and sorry for my bed English..
Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your negative tests results. From what you have described, your test results are reliable and can be considered conclusive.

None of the diseases and conditions mentioned in your post are immunodeficiency diseases. Additionally, immunodeficiency diseases are usually identified in during childhood and it is not something that you can live your life normally without noticing. For further clarification on specific medical conditions and their effect on your test results, we highly recommend that you communicate with your doctor and/or your testing clinic.

Chewing tobacco is also an activity that has no connection to HIV nor an effect on test results.

HIV tests are always looking for something specific in your blood. This specific thing can be either antibodies, genetic material of the virus (DNA/RNA), or antigens (markers attached to the envelope of the virus). Most advanced tests, such the 4th generation test that you have conducted, look for more than one thing at the same time. For instance, the 4th generation test looks for antibodies AND antigens. In the event that somebody has an immunodeficiency, it is their antibody system that is affected. However, antigens and the genetic material of the virus should still be detectable within and after the 3 month post exposure period.

I trust that I have answered your questions. For additional information on HIV risk and testing, you can visit our website at

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