i've recently been to a massage parlor and one thing lead to another and we ended up having intercourse. we started with some frenching and fondling before she proceeded to perform unprotected oral sex on me for about 10 minutes and then to have protected vaginal sex. as i did not ejaculate, the condom was removed and she performed unprotected oral sex on me for about 5 minutes before putting on a new condom again and proceeding to do protected vaginal sex again. before putting on the condom for the 2nd time, she briefly inserted some lube into her vagina and proceeded with the protected vaginal intercourse for a few minutes before i masturbated myself to ejaculation after removing the condom. although i am aware that most of the happenings are of low risk, i still want an external perspective of my risk of contracting hiv from the above activities. also, in between the 1st and the 2nd vaginal intercourse and after the 2nd vaginal intercourse, both she and i performed masturbation on my penis and additionally she also inserted her finger 1 to 2 inches into my anus for a few minutes which she inserted briefly into her vagina. is there any inherent risk of hiv from the masturbation with vaginal fluids on our hands and also the anal fingering with vaginal fluids? thank you
Hi there and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. My name is Colin and I am happy to answer your questions.

I understand you are worried about the risk of acquiring HIV after an encounter with a commercial sex worker. I hope the information I can give you can help put your mind in ease.

Right away I can confirm what it seems like you already suspected: this was a low risk encounter. For there to be a successful transmission of HIV, there must first be HIV present. Next there must be an exchange of bodily fluids with direct access to the bloodstream. Additionally, once exposed to the air for even a moment, while it may not necessarily die, HIV is immediately rendered non-transmissible meaning it can no longer be passed on from person to person. The highest risk activity you describe above is the protected vaginal intercourse and even then that is a low risk. As it seems like the condom remained intact, you did not ejaculate, and there was no exchange of bodily fluids, you can consider this to be *very* low risk.

With regards to testing, here at AIDS Vancouver we recommend regular HIV testing for all sexually adult individuals. While this was a low risk exposure, it still would be recommended to take an appropriate HIV/STI test at the right time. If you are in Canada or the USA, I would recommend checking out [ASO411]( or the [CDC's Get Tested website]( respectively for information on finding the best resources for you.

I hope I managed to answer your questions today. Please feel free to post again if you'd like any more information or clarification.

All the best,


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