I am a closeted gay male who had unprotected oral sex with an unknown gay male on a dating website. We also had protected anal sex with a condom . maybe 3 minutes two times. Two days later I had a sore throat and the next day odd pain in my groin area.The next day I felt a severe fatigue attack and muscle pains in my legs. I have not had a fever or any rash that I know of but I constantly have mucus in my nasal passages which cause me to vomit. This nasal problem has lasted for 3 months since the event. I am older and rarely have sex and thought I was being safe but now I am very worried. I went to get tested for everything 7 days after the event and everything came back negative. It s now 3 months and I am very scared to get tested again.I have never had this before and wonder because I am 57 the symptoms might be different from a younger male. I also worry because of my age, If I have contacted the virus if I have less of a chance. Very scared and worried .Also ,Is ongoing nasal phlegm an vomiting a symptom ?
Hello and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver as a source for HIV/AIDS-related information.

First, please note that there are no clinically-defined symptoms of HIV. This is because some people experience symptoms, while others do not. Furthermore, these symptoms that you are experiencing may be caused by a number of illnesses, including a cold, flu, or anxiety. The only way to determine if you have acquired HIV is through HIV testing.

Protected anal sex with a condom is a low risk activity for HIV transmission. This means that there is a potential for HIV transmission because there is a potential for an exchange of body fluids. However, there have only been a few reports of infection through protected sex, usually under certain identifiable conditions, such as already having another STI or incorrectly using a condom. I commend you for using a condom, as this is the best way to protect yourself from HIV transmission. For a low risk activity, I would suggest that you consult a healthcare professional to get tested for HIV just to be sure. Here at the Helpline, we suggest that all sexually active individuals get tested on a regular basis as part of their sexual health routine.

Giving unprotected oral sex is also a low risk activity for HIV transmission.

Receiving unprotected oral sex is a negligible risk for HIV transmission. This means that although there is a potential for the exchange of body fluids, there has never been a confirmed report of HIV being transmitted in this way.

A negative test result at 7 days post-exposure is a good indication. However, World Health Organization guidelines require testing at 12 weeks (3 months) post exposure to receive conclusive results.

With regards to your age, the only risk associated with acquiring HIV at an older age is if a person puts off being tested and is therefore not correctly diagnosed. If an older person does acquire HIV, they can live a relatively normal life if they follow the instruction of their doctor. However, please don't get ahead of yourself - You did not engage in any high risk activity for HIV transmission, and so it is unlikely that your testing will come back positive.

I hope that I have addressed your concerns. Please feel free to contact us again online or by phone (604-696-4666) should you have any further questions.

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