Recently I had a low-risk HIV exposure with a thai girl in massage parlour in Tokyo, Japan. Exposure was me performing cunnilingus and briefly receiving fellatio.

I got tested at 4, 6 and 11 weeks at free evening rapid HIV testing centre in Kyoto, Japan where I live. I have no idea what specific test it was other than it was a rapid test and they drew roughly 8ml of venous blood from me for the test. Results came back in about 20-25min.

Each test came back negative and now I am planing to go back for final test at 13 weeks (the evening only happens every two weeks). Will my rapid test at 13 weeks be considered as good as an 3rd generation ELISA result?

While it is negative should I worry about whether the test can detect HIV-2 antibodies? On Aidsmap website they say most modern HIV tests whether they are 3rd, 4th ELISA or rapid can detect HIV-2 antibodies. Is this true?

Japan is a very technological country but in many aspects they're very conservative so my fear is they are using very old rapid kits that many not detect as many subtypes as possible.

When should someone worry about risk of HIV-2 infection. The exposure was with a thai girl but I think she has been living in Japan a few years now, is there high prevalence of HIV-2 in either Thailand or Japan or is just limited to Africa? My other worry is that seeing as she works in massage parlour she could have easily come into sexual contact with someone from Africa carrying the HIV-2 type.

HIV exposure testing sure is a nightmare of anxiety and I have some solace from negative results and the service you provide here.
Hi there! Thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

I understand that testing can be a stressful situation, so hopefully my question can help to ease some of your worries!

Your correct in that your overall exposure was a Low Risk exposure. That, with the fact that you've already had several negative results is a great sign. Since results are ~95% accurate within 4-6 weeks, your results from 11 to 13 weeks are highly unlikely to change! That's great news! Your 13 week test will be conclusive, as HIV tests are considered conclusive at 12 weeks.

AIDSmap is correct that all modern HIV tests do test for HIV-1/2. That includes all 3rd generation, 4th generation, and rapid tests. Therefore, the test you took would have covered both HIV1/2. No need to worry! HIV-2 is more rare, and there is one subtype that is restricted to Western Africa. There's no specific case where you would need to be concerned about HIV-2, but since all tests cover HIV-2, then there's no reason to be worried if you've had tests done.

I hope this helped to answer your questions. For more information about testing, this is a great website:



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