I had faced a problem with needle 9 years back at that I am suffering with fever and cold and body pains. The rmp doctor said that its new one. But I had doubt about that.after 1-2 days of this incident, I have experienced cold and body pains, no fever. Gets cured within 3 days After 2 months of this incident I have experienced symptoms like fever, gets cured after 1 day , weight loss. And after 4 months I have experienced some skin problems consulted doctor. He had done some treatment. I did not get tested because of my fear and I was just 16 years old.after 9 years of exposure I have taken test. Both Elisa and pcr RNA both are negative, nonreactive, not detected. I was happy with results but unable to depend. Because of symptoms at the early days. I have no symptoms from the last 9 years. My questions are
1) will test after 9 years will affect the test results.
2) I did not much on the day of blood sample collection day , I had only juice and I was in depression, will these affect results.
3) I got test result after 3 days I mean test is not done on same day as the blood sample collected. Will testing after 1-2 days of sample collection will affect test results.
4) I am drinking coconut water daily from last one year, will it affect the results. I mean antibodies generation.
Plz answer me. Its hell to me every minute from last 9 years and that incident.
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It sounds like you are concerned about the symptoms you had 9 years ago after facing a problem with a needle. You have some great questions, and it shows that you are taking ownership for your health.

First off, here at AIDS Vancouver we do not go by symptoms of HIV. To know if you have HIV or not, the best way is to get tested. This is because HIV can mirror other viral infections (like the flu).
So you did get tested which is great. Elisa and PCR RNA are both reliable tests that are considered conclusive 3 months after exposure, even after 9 years they are conclusive. Conclusive means most likely accurate. After 9 years the test results will be conclusive because as the HIV virus lives in the body and progresses to keep weakening the immune system's ability to fight off infections and the antibodies count is still affected.

So to answer all your questions:
1. Tests after 9 years will be conclusive.
2. How you felt or what you did on the day of testing will not affect the results of the test.
3. Testing after 1-2 days of sample collection will not affect the test results.
4. Drinking coconut water daily from last one year will not affect antibodies generation and test results.

There are only 4 situations where your HIV test window period may be affected:
a) if you are on treatment for Help Cb) If you are on treatment for Cancer (chemotherapy)
c) if you are on P.E.P. treatment for HIV
d) if you have been diagnosed with other immunodeficiency diseases

I hope I was able to alleviate some discomfort you have been feeling from the last 9 years. If you are in the BC area and have more questions regarding HIV testing or transmission you can call our Helpline, or also visit the AIDS Vancouver website for important information on HIV.

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