Dear Sir/Mam,

I posted my situation before and it was answered by Maggie ( thank you so much ) but I need to add some new details... Here is the old story:

A month ago I slept with a working girl twice (vaginal sex with condom) When she was on top I got little flaccid and then we changed and I got on top.. After finishing I went to the bathroom and apon removing the condom I noticed a dry blood drop on the base of my penis and 2 more on the shaft (must have got there after gaining erection when changed the position)...
During fore playing I fingered her and touched my penis shaft.. The only thing I know is that it didn't touch my penis head, I'm circumsized, the condom didn't break ( I tested it ) and I have no visible cuts or sores on my shaft or base... The girl told me she has just finished her period... And also she said that she is clean and that she takes care of herself.

After two weeks I got chlamydia and took antibiotic and got cured.

I took ELISA antibody tests (15 days) and AG/AB test (22 days)after the incidence and both came negative...

Then another AG/AB at 5 weeks (36 days) negative...

New questions:

1) Isn't an exposure like this resemble fingering? Why would you rate it low risk and not negligible ?

2) with the 3 tests am I near conclusive, conclusive or still far ?
Have you seen a 3 and 5weeks AG/AB negative turn positive?

3) I fingered her then touched my penis before sex so can this be the cause of chlamydia? Can this pose risk for hiv?

4) Have you ever seen a situation like this turning bad?

5) Should I still test after 12 weeks?
Some doctors and sites say 3 and 5 weeks AG/AB is conclusive and others stick to 12? So what about you?

6) I had sputum cough , headache , 37.5 Celsius for 5 days but was treated by antibiotic ( I'm a smoker ) after 4 weeks of exposure .. Can this be related ? After 6 days (5weeks of post exposure) I developed a very small red area on my penis head after masterbading which disappeared in 2 days then a back pain for three days now gone after using (voltareen) gel ... They didn't come full blow but as you can see at different times... NO rash.. Just this small unexplainable red small spot on penis head for 1.5 days. ... Any relation?

Finally can't thank you enough for your priceless help and guidance.

Kind regards.
Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline regarding HIV/AIDS related information.

First of all a commercial sex worker doesn't pose a greater risk than anyone else regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, class or sexual orientation. In fact, they often take greater measures in order to protect themselves and their partners.

Let me answer the following questions in chronological order:

1) Fingering is considered a negligible risk because theoretically there has never been a confirmed report. It would only pose a risk if the finger is bleeding and is inserted into the recipient.

2) I would like to congratulate you on the testing you have already acquired. However, I would encourage you to receive another test at the 84 day or 3 month mark, so your results are conclusive. We follow the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines.

3) That could be the cause of Chlamydia, but since you already mentioned you were cleared of Chlamydia, it shouldn't be a cause of concern relating to HIV.

4) I'm not knowledgeable enough to know for sure, but as I mentioned earlier receiving testing at the 84 day mark can give you conclusive results.

5) As I mentioned earlier we stick to the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, which deems testing conclusive at the 12 week mark.

6) The symptoms that you have mentioned are not necessarily related to HIV. They can be due to external factors such as stress. If they continue to persist, I would encourage you to see a healthcare professional.

I hope after reading my response you feel less worried.

I trust that I have addressed all of your concerns, should you need additional information, feel free to contact us again.

In health,


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