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I had an anonymous and a little itchy minor skin rash that came a few days after I had different protected sexual encounters with someone whose HIV status is unknown to me but got romours later from people she is well known to that she is HIV+. This rush went away a after 3-4 days when i applied a cream given to me by my doctor. We also engaged in unprotected oral sex where she had leaked my pen**s for some minutes (BJ) and we deeply kissed. I asked her later to go for HIV test and she was hesitant, something which made me some how believe the romours. I mmediately did determine test en tested -ve, i did it again after 40 days of my last encounter with her en tested -ve, I am yet to do another one at 60 days and 90 days but i am so scared and worried that she could have infected me. wat could have been the cause of the minor rush and for it to have come around this period after sexual encounters ??? is there any other test i can do apart from determine and PCR before 90 days??, please advise me, but i will never be this stupid again if i survive this tragedy,, YK from Uganda
Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. It seems you're concerned about the possibility of HIV transmission through an encounter. We're happy to answer this question for you.

It sounds as though you received unprotected oral sex, and also engaged in protected insertive sex. Receiving unprotected oral sex is considered a negligible risk activity, and protected insertive sex a low risk activity. Negligible risk means that while it is believed to be theoretically possible for transmission to occur, it has never been observed to actually happen. Low risk means that while it is possible to occur, it requires specific conditions, such as a condom breaking. Kissing is considered a no risk activity, meaning HIV does not transmit this way. So consider these risk levels when deciding to go for future tests.

As for the symptoms you experienced after your encounter (the rash) it's great you decided to go see a doctor about them. We at AIDS Vancouver are not healthcare providers so cannot comment on any symptoms you're experiencing, but consider that HIV is never diagnosed based solely on symptoms. This is because the symptoms of an HIV infection are common to many other conditions. The only way to conclusively diagnose an HIV infection is by testing, which you've already done.

As for the test you've had, it is likely not considered conclusive until 90 days post exposure (but remember what the risk was from your encounter). It is, however, a very good indicator of your present status. There is not other test that is conclusive earlier than 90 days post exposure, so we recommend you go for another test 90 days post exposure to know you status conclusively.

Thanks a lot for your question to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline, we hope this has fully answered your question.


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